Have you had experience with using TED videos in your classroom ?


TED talks are wonderful resource !

TED videos are being used not only in higher education classrooms but at schools as well. Sometimes l assign a TED talk for homework. TED can help teachers bring ideas into conversation and debate. You can watch one of them which we watched in the class with students if you want. Enjoy !

Every kid needs a champion

In this talk Elif Shafak describes how different aspects of our identy , gender


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Hi everyone!

l am Neslihan – a 34-year-old English teacher with 10-year experience in ELT. I decided to begin MA studies and enrolled Bahcesehir University MA ELT program this semester.  I am planning to share this experience with you through this blog so initially I want to introduce myself to you now.

l graduated from English Language Teaching Department, Anadolu University in 2005. I started teaching at a private high school in İzmir and I have been teaching there since then. In ten years time, I completed CELTA course in 2012 with Level B and I worked as the head of English Department for two years. I became experienced in ESOL exams and how to prepare students for those exams. In 2014, I also completed Professional Coaching and Student Coaching training programs and was certified. And now I am ready to go further in ELT World, to my own experience while I am about to learn new things…

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